About Us

Who is Shining Ashes?

About Shining Ashes

Shining Ashes is a company that's designed to thrive on young talent, and is built around the idea of giving people a chance to live their dream when no one else will give them that chance. While it true we are new to development, we plan to make a strong impact on the video game industry in just a few short years. To do this we plan on, not only going that extra mile to complete projects that are worth playing, but to go out of our way to meet the needs of our consumers, and of our staff.

Our Mission

Shining Ashes makes it our number one priority to bring back the fun into gaming for people of all ages. To do this, we plan on merging what was great about legacy gaming and what people love about modern gaming without cutting corners. We strongly believe that great games take time, and it is not the company itself that suffers from cutting corners and rushed production, but the value of the game and how the consumer can relate to the product. As a company we believe in demonstrating that the quality and experience of the production is far more valuable than the time it takes, and cutting corners in production is not acceptable.

The Lore Behind Our Name

Throughout history, mystical creatures of all types have left the human race fascinated with their wonders. Among them one's lore has fascinated us more then the rest, the Phoenix. The legend of the Phoenix tells of a powerful bird consumed by fire, gifted with the powers of rebirth, and is reborn from its fallen ashes. From that process of rebirth, the soul of Shining Ashes was born to bring back that glimmer of hope to the video game industry.